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Stereo-Imaging Editing Effects

ID: 2013-031 New methods for adding user-guided depth-aware effects with minimal user interaction to images that are taken with consumer-grade stereo cameras.

ID: 2013-031
Principal Investigator: Bryan Morse

Unlike other methods for adding such effects, this method does not require an extensive background knowledge or multiple images of a scene to make it work. It also does not require specialized camera rigs or other expensive, high-tech equipment. Instead, this allows you to use a portable, easy-to-use, affordable camera. It is designed to interactively add depth-aware effects in real time to images that are capture with the camera. We define "depth-aware" effects as those that enhance the perception of depth in the photo, allow the user to draw natural attention to certain areas, or augment the three-dimensional structure of objects in the image. The simplicity of this camera makes it good for any consumer to use.

For more information, contact Dave Brown (801-422-4866)

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