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The mission of the Tech Transfer Office at Brigham Young University is to facilitate the transfer of innovative ideas, technologies, and intellectual property developed by the BYU community to benefit society, guided by the principles and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Through our services and expertise, we aim to maximize the societal impact of BYU's innovative research and development efforts. We actively engage with faculty, staff, and students to support the identification of commercially viable technologies, foster industry relationships, and promote entrepreneurship.

Our mission extends to connecting BYU's intellectual assets with external organizations and fostering collaborations. With a commitment to excellence and integrity, we aim to be a driving force in the successful transfer of technology, fulfilling our role as a service-oriented institution within the larger BYU community.

Our Staff

2306-19-Brown-David-09 (1).jpg
Dave Brown
Director, Software Lead
(801) 422-4866
Bennett Mortensen
Engineering Lead
(801) 422-9119
Adam Stevens
Life & Physical Sciences Lead
(801) 422-6266
Headshot 2 (1).jpg
Jennifer Thomas
Relationship Manager
(801) 422-6266
David Campbell
(801) 422-9240
Spencer Hales
Social Media Lead

Our primary functions include:

  • Receive invention disclosures from BYU employee inventors
  • Engage outside legal counsel to secure IP rights
  • Manage the patent process
  • Assess the commercial viability of inventions
  • Search for potential licensees
  • Negotiate, prepare, execute, and manage license agreements
  • Collect and distribute royalties and other licensing income
  • Provide status updates to inventor(s) and their college(s)
  • Review sponsored research agreements and faculty consulting agreements that may involve intellectual property

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