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BYU Technology Transfer protects and commercializes technologies invented at Brigham Young University. The office provides expertise in business relationships, negotiations, protection of intellectual property, marketing, license agreements, contracts, and entrepreneurship.

About BYU Technology Transfer

The primary purpose of the Technology Transfer Office is to facilitate the transfer of university-developed technologies to the marketplace. We do this by protecting BYU intellectual property (usually through patents), and by subsequently licensing the protected intellectual properties to companies outside the university.

Our primary functions include:

  • Receive invention disclosures from BYU employee inventors
  • Engage outside legal counsel to secure IP rights
  • Manage the patent process
  • Assess the commercial viability of inventions
  • Search for potential licensees
  • Negotiate, prepare, execute, and manage license agreements
  • Collect and distribute royalties and other licensing income
  • Provide status updates to inventor(s) and their college(s)
  • Review sponsored research agreements and faculty consulting agreements that may involve intellectual property

See our latest annual report (pdf)

Our Staff

Mike Alder (Director)
Life Sciences Licensing
(801) 422-3049
Dave Brown
Software Licensing
(801) 422-4866
Spencer Rogers, CLP
Engineering Licensing
(801) 422-3676
Jennifer Thomas
Paralegal / Office Manager
(801) 422-6266
David Campbell
(801) 422-9240

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