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Entrepreneur and Innovator Toolkit

Tools and information for entrepreneurs and innovators, on campus and off

Intellectual Property Considerations and Tools

ALL successful businesses have intellectual property or IP. This section will help you understand what intellectual property your business has or will have, and how you can better protect your intellectual property.

Additional Strategic Considerations

While knowing and protecting your IP can help you succeed, statistics show that many businesses fail, even if they have strong IP. This section will help you tilt the balance toward success.

  • Striking the IP Balance: Timing, Cost, and Other Considerations (Coming soon)
  • Who Brings What to Your Successful Team (Coming soon)
  • Formally Forming a Business — Whys and Hows (Coming soon)
  • Making and Adjusting Your Plan (Coming soon)

How the TTO Can Help

Businesses that license or acquire technologies from Universities are approximately X times more likely to succeed than typical startups. The BYU TTO provides a variety of services that can benefit your business.

Additional Resources

We can't provide everything for everyone, but here are some helpful links to other resources