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Minimally Invasive Surgical Retractor

ID: 2013-054 A simpler, safer, and more cost efficient means of handling organs during laparoscopic surgery.

Principal Investigator: Larry Howell

Current laparoscopic surgery technologies utilize expanding mechanisms that, once inside the body, expand and hold a certain organ during the surgery. Compared to current options the retractor offers an improved ability to grip organs, as well as be able to apply the necessary force to the organ without deforming or bending it. It also reduces the number of sharp edges.

This retractor provides improved grip, rigidity and safety utilizing compliant techniques developed by BYU's compliant mechanism lab. It can fit into spaces as small as 5-12mm, and once inside expands safer than current options. As well as having these benefits, it is also easier to manufacture thus reducing manufacturing costs. This may open doors to disposable options as well. It is also easier to clean than current options with less moving parts and sharp edges.

About the Market:

Potential customers for this product include companies involved in MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) and associated medical devices.

For more information, contact 801-422-6266

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