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High-Resolution Imaging Using Lasers

ID: 2017-048 The invention uses patterns of light to illuminate an object. By measuring the amount of light scattered from the different patterns, an image of the object can be calculated.

ID: 2017-048
Principal Investigator: Dallin Durfee

Similar to what is done in an MRI scan, the invention measures spatial frequency components, the data is then used to calculate the image. This technology enables imaging an object with high resolution without the need of having a large lens or be close to the object.

Advantages of the invention include:
- High resolution without a complicated lens system;
- No distance limit;
- Simple and inexpensive.

About the Market:
The technology will be used where there is a need for very high resolution images of objects which cannot be brought close to the lens. It could be used in manufacturing to verify tolerances on small parts without having to bring an imaging system close to it. It could also be used when high resolution images need to be made of objects in hostile environments.

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