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ID: 2015-053 A super premium frozen dairy-dessert. Offering versatility to the frozen treat industry.

Principal Investigator: Michael Dunn

Gelato desserts have increased in popularity in recent years due their rich and creamy nature. Frigelato expands the scope of uses by allowing it to be served/purchased as frozen gelato, or served/purchased from refrigerated temperatures while still preserving the eating properties of a traditional gelato. The fact that this delicious product can be served as either a frozen or refrigerated dessert dramatically increases it versatility and opens up a variety of usage occasions appealing to an expanded target market. Initial taste tests have resulted in positive feedback from the direct consumer, both in texture and taste qualities, as well as in the versatility of the product.
Although the formulation is unique, the product can easily be manufactured using standard equipment available in any dairy plant having ice cream process capabilities. This product even has the capability to be run through commercial pasteurizers and homogenizers.

About the Market:
This product is for those who enjoy indulging in deliciously rich dairy desserts. However, the super-premium nature of this product would dictate that the primary focus of advertising and marketing efforts would be directed at adults. This product has huge marketing potential. A recent Mintel report indicates that the ice cream industry is being affected by the slumping economy. This has affected the dairy industry as a whole. The growth in the market is from sales of frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbets, ices, and frozen novelties. The vast amount of this growth comes directly from the frozen novelty sector. Frigelato would be recognized as an innovative novelty and assist in the continued growth of this section of the market.

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