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Equol for Skin, Hair, and Prostate Health

ID: 2002-15 Equol has beneficial effects on skin, hair

Principal Investigator: Edwin Lephart

Equol is a polyphenolic/isoflavonoid molecule with similar molecular weight and structure as estradiol. Equol is found in plants and/or derived from plants; it is found in humans by daily consumption via dietary intake in foods (such as meats and milk) and/or it is an intestinal metabolite of daidzein. Equol binds specifically 5alpha-DHT and biologically inactivates this potent androgen molecule to improved skin/hair health. Our BYU inventor has discovered and we have patented a number of applications of equol for human benefit e.g. cosmetics - including moisturizer/face cream, night cream and cleanser. We have in vitro data showing that equol can: 1) stimulate human hair growth and 2) protect human hair (bulb/shaft) from apoptosis (i.e., programmed cell death) has been previously sent to Nu Skin scientists. We are happy to report from our human clinical study that oral dosing with equol (at 6 mg, twice/day for 1 month) significantly improved symptoms and quality of life indices in men experiencing moderate to severe BPH without any side effects (clinical data is available upon request).

About the Market:
The application of equol containing products for cosmetics has a demonstrated market of hundreds of millions of dollars. Hair products and BPH products have large growing market opportunities

For more information, contact Mike Alder (801-422-3049)

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