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Collapsible Solar Array

ID: 2013-058 An origami-inspired foldable array of individual solar cells used to harvest the energy of the sun.

Principal Investigator: Larry Howell

This invention provides a portable solar harvesting device that collapses to the size of a single unit, making it significantly more portable than existing solar configurations. It allows additional rows and columns to be added to the array with no technical challenges becasue of thickness. The design can be optimized for stowed dimensions by sizing the panels to an existing or desired solar cell size. The overall dimensions could be sized to a standard pocket size or similar constraint. Key advantages of this invention include: significant power generation, high density when stowed, highly portable shape, and rigid foldability.

About the Market:

The Collapsible Solar Array is well suited for places and activities where sunlight is available but access to the normal power grid is limited. Potential applications include: field work, backpacking and outdoor recreation, military, space.

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