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Circular Buffers For Leaky Mode Displays

ID: 2017-030 The invention addresses circular buffers for leaky mode devices to reduce the complexity of driving large leaky mode arrays.

Principal Investigator: Daniel Smalley

Small aperture leaky mode devices have to be updated every few microseconds, but the circular buffer method gives devices an acoustic/electric memory without greatly increasing the complexity of the device architecture.

A surface acoustic wave is launched and illuminated by continuous or pulsed light and then the surface acoustic wave is picked up by a second transducer and is then processed and relaunched from the first transducer. In this way a leaky mode output can be repeated several times without having to be rewritten. This comprises a circular buffer. Alternatively new information could be added incrementally on each pass. For example, new view-information on a new carrier frequency could be added to the signal on each pass until the full view-zone is filled. A form of compression could be employed by recycling holographic information that is redundant from frame to frame and modifying signal content that changes.

About the Market:

This technology could dramatically reduce the complexity of large holographic displays. The holographic displays global market is expected to reach over $3.5 billion in annual sales by 2020, and $1.82 bllion by 2021 in Americas (driven mainly by growth of commercial and medical industry).

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