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Lens Lift™

ID: 2011-017 A mechanism that reduces the number of touch points required to retrieve a contact lens from solution.

Principal Investigator: Larry Howell

Developed by the Compliant Mechanism Lab at BYU, the Lens Lift™ is a device that delivers the contact lens to the user above the contact solution by simply opening the case. When you open the contact case it lifts the contact out of the solution allowing the user to put it directly into the eye while minimizing how much the user touches the lens. By doing this it decreases the risk of germ entry into the eye.

About the Market:
The Lens Lift™ could be integrated into the packaging of new contact lenses, and would be particularly valuable for daily wear contact lenses. It could also be used in after market contact lens cases.
For more information, contact Spencer Rogers (801-422-3676)

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