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Electrode Configuration For Monitoring Of A Tissue

ID: 2015-048 A new development in the monitoring of tissues and organs

Principal Investigator: Kim Manwaring

This invention relates to an electrode configuration and method for monitoring tissues and organs. The electrical properties of internal organs and tissues may be monitored to provide doctors and caregivers with the condition of the internal organs.

Conventional electrical impedance monitoring or tomography (EIT) is based on measurement of current, or impedance, between pairs of electrodes. This application is a specific adaptation to monitor brain perfusion and compliance with reconstructed images or electrical impedance tomography (EIT), and it further describes adaptations for use with other tissues such as fetal monitoring (where the central electrode might be a vaginal-positioned electrode below the cervix), transthoracic imaging (where the electrode could be positioned upon an endotracheal tube), and a similar adaptation for carotid artery perfusional symmetry.

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