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Crispr Library Generation Method Using A Modified Crispr Sequence

ID: 2016-041 BYU has created a streamlined protocol that can create complex libraries in as few as 5 steps and completed in 3 hours.

Principal Investigator: Jonathon Hill

Most current applications of CRISPR-Cas9 take advantage of mutating a single gene locus to target single or small sets of genetic loci. There has been recent interest in creating CRISPR gRNA libraries that contain complex mixtures of gRNAs targeting large sets of genes, including comprehensive sets targeting the entire genome. However, because each targeting region must be individually synthesized, these libraries are very expensive to generate. Therefore, the development of rapid, inexpensive methods for creating CRISPR gRNA libraries is desirable.

For more information, contact Mike Alder (801-422-3049)

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