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CNT Microfabrication With Plasma Etching

ID: 2015-062 High aspect ratio straight millimeter-tall carbon nanotube (CNT) posts can be grown with the help of CNT hedges.

Principal Investigator: Robert Davis

Method for fabricating high aspect ratio millimeter-tall free standing carbon nanotube post arrays using carbon-nanotube-templated microfabrication with a sacrificial hedge combining with non-directional and directional plasma etching. As the aspect ratio increases, it becomes challenging to directly grow high aspect ratio free standing straight CNT post arrays because the CNT posts tent to bend in randomly directions. By the support of CNT hedges, the straight millimeter-tall CNT psot arrays can be directly grown. Then the combination process of non-directional plasma etching, carbon infiltration, and directional plasma etching can remove the sacrificial CNT hedges. Therefore, the fabrication of high aspect ratio free standign straight CNT post arrays is realized.

About the Market:

The market includes those interested in Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems (MEMS), DNA detection, and neural probes or other Biosensors.

For more information, contact Spencer Rogers (801-422-3676)

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