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Basis Alteration For A Less Sparse Representation For Reduced Dynamic Range Requirement

ID: 2018-041 Method that improves accuracy and speed of measurements

Principal Investigator: Dallin Durfee

Researchers at BYU developed a technique that allows for a variety of measurements to be faster and more precise. The invention applies to the procedure of making measurements in a basis in which the thing being measured has a sparse representation. The technique is to modify the basis functions to make the information in the measurement be spread more uniformly over the measurement space.

This method better spreads information over the different measurements in the measurement space, reducing the required dynamic range and signal to noise ratio in the measurements. By changing to a basis in which the data is “smoother”, it can make it possible to better infer missing information from an incomplete sampling of measurement space.

About the Market:

The invention would most likely be used in MRI Imaging and could be of interest to any company that develops or sells magnetic imaging devices. MRI is a huge industry and this technique could potentially make a significant improvement to current technology.

For more information, contact Spencer Rogers (801-422-3676)

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